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Henry with Grandpa’s Harley

My nephew, Henry, again!  Henry is helping Grandpa Russ show off his Electric Start to his ’54 Panhead.  How does a 5month old know how to work the camera? He’s soooo darn cute!



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Here is a video demonstration of Russ’ Right Side Electric Start and the website for The Right Side Electric Starter




Wordless Wednesday | Denver Newborn Portrait Photographer

Denver Newborn Portrait Photographer 
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Baby Shower | Denver Event Photographer


Celebrating my sister’s journey into motherhood and planning the arrival of the newest member of our family is how I spent my Memorial Day weekend.  Amber’s “English High Tea” Baby Shower was a blast! And I think Baby Peterson will have everything it needs and more!

Congratulations Amber and Adam! You are going to be wonderful parents!

This last photo of Amber reminded my Dad of her as a toddler, and off he went to the photo albums…so from the Potts Family archives… pouty lips and big brown eyes!

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Amber’s Baby Bump | Denver Portrait Photographer

Postcard from Nebraska | Denver Wedding and Event Photographer

Farm Culture

This trip to Nebraska was action packed! Two trips overlapped, which was nice to not drive twice, but made for a hectic weekend.  First, one of Aaron’s good friends is getting married in June (which I get to photograph in San Francisco!!!) so the bachelor party was in Omaha (NOT photographed!). And Second, we were planting a shelter belt of trees along the south side of our farm.  180 trees to be exact. Crazy. Then, my sister is pregnant and a Maternity Session was in order (to be blogged in the near future). And lastly, her hubby is a theatre director and had a play showing, which I’ve wanted to photograph for a while now.  Lots of clicks on the camera for sure!

In order of events… planting of the trees. The actual planting was done by the State, thank goodness, but we had to go back and put down weed matts.  These are 1 year old seedlings and will need all the help they can get!

The Thursday night crew! Myself and my hubby, taken by Denise, and then Aaron and his mom, Denise.  Aaron’s Dad helped too, just not on Thursday night. Thursday was a beautiful evening, Friday morning on the other hand was miserably cold and windy, so the camera stayed in the truck. We just wanted to get the work done and go home! Sorry Jay…no photos of you!

And here is my dream home… a bit of a fixer-upper! Just kidding. It is completely unsafe, the floors are falling into the basement.  And I think an animal has staked its claim. However, my future address could be 434 Ave. Q! (ok, its Q Road, but I’m renaming it… didn’t you love the Broadway show Avenue Q!?)

The sunset. Breathtaking.

And for the Culture part of the weekend.  A Matter of Life and Death. Presented by the Northeast Players and Directed by Adam Peterson.

Now, I’ve never been in a play or been backstage. I really had no idea what to expect.  Lesson #1. Stage makeup is EXAGGERATED! See a 20 year old being turned into a 45 year old Doctor.  Lesson #2, to decrease set-change time, characters wear one wardrobe change on top of another.  My guess is the main male character had 4 wardrobe changes layered on! Very efficient.

I thought the show was very colorful and inventive when it came to set design! Check out last week’s Wordless Wednesday for my favorite shot. My favorite basically because the scene utilized half of a motorcycle… sometimes it doesn’t take much to make me smile!