Integrated Alliances Social Media and Mt. Dew | Denver Portrait Photographer

How much ‘dew can you do?

For Mike and Lori, its enough to make my my stomach upset just watching!

I had the privilege of hanging out with the LinkedIn Rock Star and Diva of Integrated Alliances while they were photographed by the legendary Neil McKenzie.  Mike O’neil and Lori Ruff are hoping to get the contract with Mt. Dew to be their Social Media experts. And since social media is about being transparent, I was at the commercial photography session providing candid photography to tell the “other” story.

White House cookies anyone? | Denver Event Photographer

Baking up a secret recipe

Chef Rachel Ruff served as a White House pastry chef and is now living in Denver.  Rachel, along with Mayor John HickenlooperChristian Anschutz, and a room full of Denver’s best realtors come together to promote the highend Northcreek condos, and an upcoming Biennial of the Americas event.

Chef Rachel Ruff bakes the White House secret recipe, chocolate chip cookies

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National Western Stock Show | Denver Event Photographer

Ride ‘em Cowboy

We love going to the National Western Stock Show every year, and this year was particularly special, as a friend’s son-in-law, Josh Peek, competed in calf-roping and steer wrestling events. I pay a lot more attention when I know someone!

Marry Me?

Aaron and Kristi’s

Engagement Session

This was an interesting photoshoot!  Aaron and Kristi are from Iowa, but we met in Omaha, Nebraska, to take pictures.  I am from Nebraska, but have never lived in Omaha, so finding a location was an adventure.  Thanks to friends of mine and friends of Kristi’s we had some great suggestions!  

We photographed at Heartland of America Park and in downtown’s Old Market.

AaronKristi-011 - Version 2

Engagement Portrait Photography by AudreyMichel

AaronKristi-096 - Version 2bw

AaronKristi-077 - Version 2

AaronKristi-0185 - Version 2

Congratulations Aaron and Kristi! I had a great time exploring downtown Omaha with you and hanging out for the evening. I cannot wait to spend your wedding day with you!

Brides: What photographs are most important to you?

Keep it Simple

When you think about your wedding day, what is the one photograph you absolutely have to have? Here is a suggested list of must take wedding photographs:

The Kiss

  1. The Kiss
  2. The Wedding Party
  3. The New Couple
  4. The New Family
  5. The Flowers




Sound simple? It’s a great way to go, as it allows for creativity and flexibility!  The best way to get candid, photojournalistic results is to live in the moment!  And if you have an extensive list of “must have photographs” all the sudden your day is run by “the list”, instead having a day of hanging out with family and friends. There is enough anxiety and anticipation on your wedding day the way it is. You don’t need to be rushing around making sure you squeeze in all 50 specific photographs on your list!

There is one list I suggest being specific about: Posed Family Photographs.  Making a list of what shots you want and who is going to be in them is really helpful for all involved.  Everyone knows when and where they are supposed to be photographed, helping everything run smoothly!