Best of Weddings 2011 | Denver Wedding Photographer

The Moment…

My favorite part of being a wedding photographer, a spontaneous moment between the bride and groom that I cannot predict.  The wind catching the Brides veil… the Groom holding his wife’s bouquet… the look on the Groom’s face when he sees his Bride for the very first time… or the Groom jumping onto and walking along a barn fence (really never saw this one coming!)

















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The Best of Weddings 2011 | Denver Wedding Photographer

Just Married

The best part of my day! Photographing the new Mr. and Mrs.  I love capturing my couple’s excitement.  The bride is always glowing, and the groom is always so proud and in love with his girl… I love every minute of it!  Here are some of my favorites!

















The Best of Weddings 2011 | Denver Wedding Photographer

The Grooms

Oh, photographing the Groom.  Always a challenge! Let’s be honest

, the girls have been getting ready for me to take their picture for months.  The boys on the other-hand… seem to continue to pretend its not going to happen. It’s happening!  So thank you guys, for being gracious and allowing me to photograph you on your wedding day! Your bride and mother are quite excited about it!








Denver Wedding Photographer – Hudson Gardens

The Eckerling’s

On a warm November afternoon, I had the honor of photographing Sydnay and Colin’s mixed faith wedding.  They worked hard to combine their Jewish and Banai backgrounds.  Although most of the fall color was gone, Hudson Gardens still had a few leaves Remaining and we were able to get the autumn feel that Sydnay was after.

I think my favorite part of the day was their late afternoon Sundae and Root Beer Float Bar. What a great idea!!

Spruce Mountain Ranch | Denver Wedding Photographer

Jeff + Jessica

What a beautiful (and REALLY cold) day.  Jeff and Jessica are the sweetest couple. Spending the day with their closest family and friends is one I won’t soon forget…yes, because I love them…but also because we share the same anniversary! You’ve got to be special for me to spend my own anniversary with you! (or my husband took me to the Beach last week…so we’ve officially celebrated!)

Here are my favorites!


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