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Christen + Jeremy  |  Engaged

Draped in his new fancy sport coat, Jeremy announced that this is not the first time he’s walked through the allies of downtown Denver in his nicest clothes. Although, it is the first time he’s done it sober! Which made me giggle! These two are full of one liners. What I love about them is they could easily finish each others jokes, but instead let the other deliver the punch line and basque in the laughter that follows.
Denver LoDo Sophisticated Engagement Portrait
 Jeremy has been our friend for years. He’s always been the notorious single dude that would randomly pop in and out of our social life


, my guess is because there was something better to do other than hang out with his married friends. And that was cool!…and then Christen showed up. Jeremy doesn’t just bring girls around. And definitely not to Sunday night dinner…homemade cookies in hand. All the sudden texts were answered in full sentences, and our invitations were met with ‘absolutely, we’d love to’. Uh…you’d better marry this girl!  It didn’t take long before the house was bought and the question was asked. Christen, we couldn’t be happier to have you in our lives. We’ve never seen JRay happier!


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, thank you to Kori Schell of AK Studio for awesome hair and makeup!