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Family Portraits | Denver Portrait Photographer

Mays Family

Try getting these three energetic boys in the same place at the same time… and to be happy about it! Ha! The Mays boys were a challenge for sure, but Mom and Dad are super cool, and we spent the evening running around the park.

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Family Portraits | Denver Portrait Photographer


The Haney Twins

TWO YEAR OLDS! I have been photographing the Haney’s since they were born, so darn cute!  It has been an absolute pleasure to watch them grow.  Here are previous images of the girls as Newborns, 6month old, and their First Birthday.

My favorite image is of Emma telling Avery that she needs to put the flower back… back into the ground… where it belongs! Right here, Avery.

And we even snuck one of Mom and Dad!

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Baptizing Katelyn | Denver Event and Portrait Photographer

Two things really make me love what I do… being a part of people’s lives at their most important moments, and when photography takes me to different parts of the world. I am always talking about how much I love photographing my family and friends, and little miss Katelyn is no different.  My cousin Anne lives in Chicago and hired me to photograph Katelyn’s baptism.  How great! I get to travel AND take pictures of my family!!  Here is the event we all gathered for… (coming soon are Katelyn’s Portraits).

Anne is the Lead Designer at Letter Bee Greetings – invitation and paper goods design.

Little Brother | Denver Portrait Photographer

Paxton Webb

Now it’s little brother’s turn. A few months ago I blogged the Webb Family photoshoot, and Mama was pregnant. Well here he is. Meet Paxton!

We tried and tried to get Avon to take a picture with his baby brother, but we were quite ready for that! Although, I think I might have been his favorite person that day, as Grandma gave me M&Ms for bribing purposes… Candy?