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My favorite subject, my nephew Henry, is back on the blog.  In his short 3 months of life I have gone home to visit him 4 times and he now visited me! If you know my family, you know that we are quite the crafty bunch. My dad is a retired custom home builder and now creates furniture and wood wares.  (check out Handcrafted by Mike)  My sister, Miss Suzie Home Maker, makes pumpkin pies from scratch, sews all sorts of outfits, and knits anything under the sun.  I asked her to bring Henry’s Halloween costume to Denver this weekend so I could feature him for today’s blog.  Little did I know, she sewed his ENTIRE outfit.  Yes, the onesie as well! (her goods can be found at Handmade on  Elm Street)

Denver Newborn Portait Photographer, AudreyMichel Photography, Halloween

Denver Newborn Portait Photographer, AudreyMichel Photography, HalloweenDenver Newborn Portait Photographer, AudreyMichel Photography, HalloweenDenver Newborn Portait Photographer 
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Henry | Denver Portrait Photographer

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Denver Newborn Portrait Photographer 
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