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Princess Zia

I cannot stop staring into her beautiful eyes! What a little dolly!  I brought along a bunch of props for Zia’s photoshoot as I always do, but the best images were with her Mommy’s wedding dress (the very last image).  Ann-Marie and I were discussing what sort of items she had with special meaning – special blankets or family heirloom items – and she came up with her wedding dress.  Ann-Marie and Ashish were married in India…and her dress was STUNNING! Look at the beautifully saturated color! And of course we had to find Zia a beautiful bindi to complete the image.

So fun! Thank you!


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The Best of Weddings 2011 | Denver Wedding Photographer

The Grooms

Oh, photographing the Groom.  Always a challenge! Let’s be honest

, the girls have been getting ready for me to take their picture for months.  The boys on the other-hand… seem to continue to pretend its not going to happen. It’s happening!  So thank you guys, for being gracious and allowing me to photograph you on your wedding day! Your bride and mother are quite excited about it!








The Best of Weddings 2011 | Denver Wedding Photographer

The Best of Brides

Every year I like to look back at the previous wedding season and reminisce about my favorites.  The 2011 wedding season was a great mix of Mountain Weddings, Vintage details, urban Mansion, and a large Catholic ceremony with a Historic Hotel reception.  Here are a couple of 2011 beautiful bridal portraits!

The Browns | Denver Portrait Photographer



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Learning in Las Vegas

Last month I attended WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Conference for the second time… which I LOVE!  This year I decided to take a PLUS Class with Roberto Valenzuela, a world class wedding photographer out of Beverly Hill, CA.  This guy is amazing!  He continues to win International Print competitions

, teaches all over the world and photographs weddings all over the world.  We learned lighting and posing techniques.  Which if you are one of my clients, you know I shoot natural light and I do not pose.  I give a bit of direction so you aren’t standing there looking at each other funny, but I definitely do not pose you.  So this class was WAY outside my comfort zone. Perfect!

Denver Wedding Photographer, AudreyMichel photography

Here is Roberto talking about different lighting situations.  In his words… he purposefully took us to the WORST spots around the hotel.  As I said before, he shoots all over the world, and doesn’t necessarily get to see the location prior to shooting.  He is an absolute master at making any location look amazing.

Denver Wedding Photographer, AudreyMichel photography

Here we are in the corner of the MGM Conference Center.  Not that interesting in real life.  However, finding shadows and shapes is one of the things Roberto looks for in his compositions.

Denver Wedding Photographer, AudreyMichel photography

This image was taken just outside the conference center along some hedges covering up mechanical equipment. We were working on posing, notice their hands… nice and soft. No claw finders or monkey arms. Very important!

Denver Wedding Photographer, AudreyMichel photography

Here our models were sitting on a bench, and we went on the other side of the median to get a few palm trees in the shot.  I wish I brought my 70-200 to class that day! Roberto’s images is much better than mine.  This is with an 85mm 1.4 prime lens, which I usually love, until I saw Roberto’s shot from right next to me. The lens compression was beautiful.  Note to self for next time.


The image below is from Day 2 where we combine lighting and posing.  This particular image is back light by the sun, but we also experimented with using flash to back light the same concept.  I would NEVER have back light using flash before, but I sure will now!


Denver Wedding Photographer, AudreyMichel photography

The amount of information I learned in two days was overwhelming and challenging.  But I can honestly say that in the shoots following this workshop I can already see improvements in where I look to position my clients, and the way I compose an image. I even used off camera flash to light the shadow side of a model’s face the other day…which I’ve done before, but this time was effortless! How fun!

Roberto’s book just came out as well: Picture Perfect Practice.  A must have for all wedding photographers.  And a great reminder for all of us that have taken his workshops.