i believe…

…style is in the details.

…my Grandmother gave me my appreciation of art and beauty, and the passion to celebrate both.

…every bride glows from within on her wedding day.

…there should be a pile of books on the bedside table.

…this small town Nebraska girl fell in love with the city while in L.A. as a small child. I learned the art of hauling ass in heels while living in London, and discovered Gucci, Channel, and Louboutin at my first design job in Houston.

…in a business traveler husband; time to myself, terrible tv, workaholic weekends, and too much Pinot Grigio with the girls.

…the Nespresso machine changed my Starbucks order. How is that possible?

…my nephew is the CUTEST and take my job as Auntie very serious.

…I am living my happily ever after.





Audrey Michel, Wedding Photographer was recently highlighted by Grace Ormonde Wedding Style as their Featured Photographer, see the editorial!


Being a wedding photographer is my way to celebrate life. I spend the other half of my day as a writer, speaker and coach, sharing my story to overcome endometriosis to empower women to heal. To learn more, visit Rewired Life.