Woman of Firsts

Margaret Life MagazineCan you imagine living 100 years ago?  What about being a woman working in the Industrial Age? Margaret Bourke-White was a pioneer photojournalist, who never saw barriers, especially when it came to being a woman.  Margaret experienced many firsts, including the first photographer for Fortune magazine, the first Western photographer allowed into the Soviet Union, and the first woman allowed to work in combat zones during World War II. She was also the first female photojournalist working for Life magazine, with one of her photographs on the first cover – November 23, 1936.

margareteagleThis is one of my favorite pictures of Margaret Bourke-White, showing she will do anything to get the shot she wants!  

Her assistant photographs her on a famous gargoyle, 61 stories atop the Chrysler Building in New York City.



margaretsteel1Another great story about Margaret comes from her days photographing steel mills in Cleveland, Ohio.  She insisted on getting so close to the pouring metal that her face would sunburn and the camera finish would blister! Now that’s commitment!

This woman is amazing! How could you NOT be inspired by her!

I want to thank Nicholas Reti for introducing me to the work of Margaret Bourke-White!

If you live in Denver and are interested in viewing Margaret Bourke-White’s photography…you’re in luck! Gallery M is currently showing 4 pieces of Margaret’s work!