Just wanted to say thanks.

 Grace and Jason  6.2011

[Preparation before the wedding]: Since my husband and I were planning our wedding remotely (we live in Providence, RI and our wedding was in San Francisco, CA), we heavily relied on e-mails and phones for all communications with our vendors. Whenever I had questions about anything, Audrey was responsive and would get back to me within 24-48 hours. She regularly checked in (but not overwhelming) to make sure I was doing ok and kept me on track. We discussed in details a week before the wedding. She and I went through my 3-page detailed timeline and a spreadsheet of mandatory photo list. (I know, that was probably a little bridezilla of me). Being this patient is almost unheard of as a vendor, Audrey listened to me for 1.5 hours and took notes of them all. Audrey definitely went above and beyond as a photographer.

[On our wedding day]: Our wedding day wouldn’t have been the same without Audrey. She was on-time, efficient and professional. She never let any photo-opportunity go to waste. Everyone in the wedding party and our families enjoyed working with her. Audrey has an amazing eye, attention to details yet able to capture the overall wedding theme. Through her amazing lenses, not only did she capture all the important moments of our wedding, her pictures also painted a full love story of our day. As a side note I was raised by a tiger mom. Maybe this is unimportant to you but tiger moms have unattainable or ridiculous standards. But hearing my mom saying the following compliments, they just reinforce our decision to have Audrey to photograph our wedding day. Audrey, THANK YOU! tiger mom: “I have never seen a photographer work this hard yet this friendly and personable to everyone at the same time. We’re so lucky to have her. I’m impressed.”