Thanksgiving 2010 | Denver Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Hangin’ with the Family

My husband and I always spend the holidays in Nebraska where both of our families live.  And this year we had a few changes and special activities planned, so of course, I broke out the camera!  First… my Dad is retired!  Look at him… peeling potatoes! What’s that! Love you Dad! :)

Second, my sister and her husband have a new puppy! He’s a bit grown up… but tired of waiting for someone to play with him. Ein was the feature of a past blog – Professor Ein Steinberg when he was just a pup.

Meanwhile at the kitchen table, the rest of us were busy playing Settlers of Catan. I am terrible. But, some day I am going to DOMINATE!

This November was Aaron and I’s 5 year anniversary (Memories of my Wedding) and after some joking around between him and I, we thought it would be funny to see if I could fit into my dress.  I repeated this conversation to my Sister and Mom, we all decided to see if we could fit into our dresses!  So down to the cedar chest we went… and ontop of Mom’s dress were these cute little dresses! Flash back to being 5 years old! Mom sewed us dresses to wear during the Centennial Celebration of Tripp, SD.  We were little “homesteaders” from the 1800’s.

Okay, onto wedding dresses! Mom and Dad have been married for 36 years… and the dress still fits!  Aaron and I just hit 5 years, and Amber and Adam will be married 5 years come this June.  And everyone’s dress zipped up! (don’t breathe!)

Putting together puzzles has always been a Christmas tradition at our house, but this year we did one over Thanksgiving.  1000 pieces in less than 24 hours.

Years ago my Dad’s side of the family would have a Trap Shooting Contest, all the guys and some of the ladies would take turns shooting blue rock to win a traveling trophy.  We haven’t done that in years! But this year my sister thought it would be fun to go to our farm (Postcard from the Farm) and have our own Trap Shoot.  Here I am… missing the target AGAIN! I ended up with 3 of 10. Maybe because I close my eyes when I pull the trigger.

and here is Adam, him and Dad tied for first place with 8 of 10.