Denver Portrait Photographer | Fun in the Snow

Charlie’s Day in the Snow

AH! I die every time I see his smiling face!  Don’t you want to run as fast as you can through the fresh snow??



James Family | Denver Portrait Photographer

Spruce Mountain Ranch | Denver Wedding Photographer

Jeff + Jessica

What a beautiful (and REALLY cold) day.  Jeff and Jessica are the sweetest couple. Spending the day with their closest family and friends is one I won’t soon forget…yes, because I love them…but also because we share the same anniversary! You’ve got to be special for me to spend my own anniversary with you! (or my husband took me to the Beach last week…so we’ve officially celebrated!)

Here are my favorites!


Kup LevitrÄ™ bez recepty

Rothluebber Family Photos | Denver Family Photographer

When my aunt contacted me wanting photos of her family, I was really excited! She wanted wintery images, easy enough in Nebraska, right? Accept the area had not gotten any snow for weeks, the scenery was yucky brown ground and grey skies. hmmm.  But lucky for us, overnight we got a few inches of snow!  Unlucky for my cousins, it was 20 degrees! What you can’t see is me in my 5 layers of clothing and huge winter coat.  We did this photoshoot is quick 15 minute bursts, warming up in the vehicle, and then back out for more pictures.  Then ended our day with hot chocolate!

Observatory Park Family Photoshoot | Denver Portrait Photographer

Avon’s Eyes

Just look at them! He’s so darn cute! Avon’s mom wanted some fall color images to use for Christmas Cards this year, before baby brother joined them after the first of the year (Paxton’s photoshoot coming soon!)

I had a blast chasing Avon around Observatory Park!

Extended Family

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