Professional Wedding Photographer

Seeing your wedding day in slow motion

On your wedding day, when things go by so fast, your loved ones gather, and many of whom you will get to talk to for only a second. In the precious, fleeting moments that create your day, as your wedding photographer, it is my mission to see everything. I see your day in slow motion.

Think of a professional baseball player, and how they can “slow down” pitches, and actually see the spiraling stitches of the baseball. That is how I feel on a wedding day. Everything is in slow motion. I am sensitive to the emotions in the atmosphere, and I can feel where to be to capture that slit second. A split second, that as an anxious, excited bride and groom, you may not notice.

Denver Professional Wedding PhotographerI can feel the emotion welling up in your mother’s eyes as her husband dances with his little girl. I know exactly where she stands, and I know what angle makes dabbing tears look beautiful. I know Grandpa really wants to photograph his first Granddaughter during the initial moments in her wedding dress. The light wraps around her face beautifully, and she is glowing. It’s cool, I can share. Because sometimes TAKING the picture brings him joy and happiness. And, I know that moment, right when a bride puts in her last earring, and catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror, it really sinks in, that today, I marry my best friend, and the love of my life.

I am not just a person with a camera. I am a creative, sentimental wedding photographer, reflecting love and celebration. I am captivated by every minute of a wedding. Joy and love is what I see in the world and through my lens, and is what I share with my clients. The experience of sharing wedding photos, and reminiscing with friends and family should be filled with laughter and love. It is my passion to understand my clients and capture their love story.

What I do, can’t be taught, or learned by reading countless how-to blogs. I radiate happiness, love and joy, and bring a calming presence to a day filled with emotions, anxiety, and excitement. I believe every bride glows on her wedding day. My happiness comes from helping a bride feel beautiful, and capturing that feeling for her to share with her loved ones for a lifetime.