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How a Dove commercial made me cry…

I woke up the other morning to my Facebook feed blowing up with this Dove commercial.  To be honest, I’m not much of a YouTube person, I rarely watch the funny videos floating around. But when some of my female photographer friends that share my enthusiasm for helping women feel beautiful, comment about bawling over this video… I had to watch it.

I feel strongly that every woman should watch this…



I’ve watched this video over and over. Like many, the most impactful part for me, was revealing the visual differences between a woman’s own perception of herself and the perception of others.  What I love most about being a wedding photographer is the ability to show women the beauty I see. When I look at my clients, I see a beautiful, amazing woman.  It is incredibly fulfilling and powerful for me to get to show women what I see in them.



Tomorrow my thoughts on Feeling Beautiful post to my personal blog Rewired Life.

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Jewish Wedding Photographer :: Grand Hyatt Denver

Matt + Nurit | Married

When Matt and Nurit first contacted me, they asked how I felt about photographing an modern orthodox Jewish wedding celebration. To be honest, I’d never been a part of one before. I’d photographed numerous interfaith weddings where Jewish traditions were mixed in, but never orthodox. I was excited for the opportunity, and more than willing to do my research and learn.
I loved Matt and Nurit’s connection, they are high school sweet hearts, just like Aaron and I.  And I greatly understood the trust they were placing with me to capture the spirit of their day.
Orthodox Jewish Wedding, Denver Photographer Audrey Michel, Grand Hyatt
Orthodox Jewish Wedding, Denver Photographer Audrey Michel, Grand Hyatt
Orthodox Jewish Wedding, Denver Photographer Audrey Michel, Grand Hyatt
             Orthodox Jewish Wedding 

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, Denver Photographer Audrey Michel, Grand Hyatt” width=”399″ height=”650″ />   Orthodox Jewish Wedding, Denver Photographer Audrey Michel, Grand Hyatt

Looking back through Matt and Nurit’s day has been a blast.  The WHOLE day is filled with spirited celebration and meaning. Literally hours of incredible interaction and symbolism. I know I say it often, that it is an honor for me to be a part of anyone’s wedding day, but for Matt and Nurit, I felt as if they gave me a gift. An amazing experience and glimps into a way of life I’ve never seen. Thank you!