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Lauren + Austin || Married

This image is going to be one of my favorites for a long time to come. It is classic and elegant, and to this day, I can hear Lauren laughing. Isn’t that what we all want? To look back at our wedding day and remember holding our husband’s hand, floating with happiness, surrounded by beauty, and feeling loved by everyone around us?

Lauren and Austin were a joy to photograph. I mostly just give couples a bit of direction as to what to do (like hold hands and walk towards me) but overall I want my couples to ignore me. You just got married! Be your cute selves. And Lauren and Austin were beautifully in their own world. I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect!

Highlands Ranch Mansion, Denver Colorado, Couples Portrait, Black and White, Audrey Michel

Groomsmen hanging out, black and white, groom playing poker, Highlands Ranch Mansion

lace beaded wedding gown, Lazaro Dress, belted bridal gown, bridal jewelry, denver wedding photographer

I cannot stop looking at this image of Lauren in her stunning Lazaro gown. I am a huge fan of belted bridal gowns and accessories. Adding beading to her lace dress and tying in gray to coordinate with the groomsmen was the perfect decision. And look at her necklace!

yellow and gray wedding details, yellow and gray reception flowers, yellow and gray boutonniere, yellow and gray bouquet

adorable flower girl dresses, bridesmaid candid photograph, Highlands Ranch Mansion Wedding Photographer

Lazaro Wedding Gown, sophisticated wedding, elegant wedding, Highlands Ranch Mansion, Denver Wedding Photographer

Mansion Wedding, sophisticated, elegant, black tie wedding venue

Lauren and Austin, it was an honor to celebrate your wedding day with you, and your wonderful family and friends.




A big thank you to all the amazing vendors who came together to make this day happen:

Abloom Florist
AllWell Rents
Audrey Michel Photography
Azucar Bakery
Catering by Design
Chair Covers and Linens
Highlands Ranch Mansion
Lazaro Wedding Gown
Mark Christopher Weddings
Progressive Sound DJ
Spa Divas
5 Star Talent & Entertainment



Denver Wedding Photographer :: Sophisticated Elegance

Julie + David | Married

I think what I loved most about Julie and David’s wedding day was the time I got to spend with Julie and her bridesmaids as they got ready. Not that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy the entire day and love David…because I truly did. But in the hour I spent with Julie and her girls was just lovely. Julie has a soft elegance about her, a sophisticated soul. I always start my day photographing details as the girls finish getting ready. As I picked up each item, Julie would tell me wonderful stories and the significance behind each one. I learned so much about Julie and David, it was really fun.

Denver Wedding Photographer, Vintage Wedding Dress

Denver Wedding Photographer, getting ready

Denver Wedding Photographer, Vintage Wedding Dress

Denver Wedding Photographer, Bridal Portrait

Julie and David’s wedding day had a vintage feel, but think more pulling from history and the past then mason jars and burlap. Choosing to get ready at Hotel Boulderado provided the perfect backdrop. The hotel opened in 1909, and was recently restored. Hotel Boulderado is famous for its 5 story cherrywood staircase, and its 100 year old Otis Elevator, which is still in operation.

Hotel Boulderado, Denver Wedding Photographer

Denver Wedding Photographer, historic vintage Hotel Boulderado

Julie and David, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your beautiful day. I truly appreciated getting to know you and your families.





, here is a previous post about my love of Heirloom Objects.


Colorado Wedding Photographers :: Heirloom Wedding Rings

Something borrowed – Heirlooms

I am obsessed with wedding details! If you’ve read my “About Audrey” section, you know I believe style is in the details. I studied and worked as an interior designer before becoming a photographer, and have a love of beautiful things and beautiful imagery. It’s the little things you choose to make your day unique. But for me, it’s deeper than that. I believe in honoring the history an object holds. I want to know why you chose one object over another. Is the broach on your Bouquet your grandmothers? Are your diamond earrings your mothers? I want to know the history of the objects… they mean something to you, and that means something to me. I get so excited when a couple tells me the watch the groom will be wearing this his best friend’s. I cannot miss him putting on his watch. What a sentimental moment!

Colorado Wedding Photographers 

, Something borrowed, heirloom jewelry” width=”900″ height=”650″ />

Colorado Wedding Photographers, Something borrowed, heirloom watch

When your “Something Borrowed” has deep meaning for you, it has to be photographed, and it has to be in your album. As you look through your wedding album with family and friends, I want these meaningful items get part of your story.



Koupit viagru bez předpisu

Denver Luxury Wedding Photographer :: Santa Fe Art

Santa Fe Art Excursion


If you’ve read my about me page, you know I believe in celebrating art.  As an art history major in college, I’ve studied why different cultures produce art. I’ve visited a large majority of the world’s prominent museums

, and have excitedly informed my friends and family with discriptions of different pieces. I can’t help myself…I love it!

So when my husband came home from work, saying his boss offered us their house in Santa Fe for the weekend, I was like “hell ya! How soon can we go??”.
Their house is walking distance to Canyon Road art district, perfect!  I was determined to find a piece for my office…about 3ft by 4ft tall to go above the sofa.  Great concept. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for $10,000+…ooops. I was totally bummed. But, my large format painting shall remain on my radar.  I did find a nice piece of pottery, and a couple of gifts. YAY!
           Denver Luxury Wedding Photographer 

, Sophisticated, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer” width=”400″ height=”650″ />   Denver Luxury Wedding Photographer, Sophisticated, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer

Denver Luxury Wedding Photographer, Sophisticated, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer