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Postcard from Louisiana Swamp | Denver Fine Art Photographer

Jean Lafitte

Oh, I hope we get to see an alligator, I thought to myself as our bus takes us to the swamp.It was a matter of minutes before we saw an abundance of alligators and turtles!

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Postcard from New Orleans

Postcard from Louisiana Plantation

Postcard from Louisiana Plantations | Denver Fine Art Photographer

Sugarcane plantations

Life in Louisiana and on a plantation is something I know nothing about. Everything is very different than my Colorado and Nebraska roots. I found the plantation tour quite intriguing. We went to two different types of Sugarcane plantations. The first was Oak Alley Plantation, which is what I imagined a plantation to be, the typical white house with manicure lawns. The second was Laura Plantation, a Creole plantation. Something I didn’t even know existed!

Here is Oak Alley Plantation-

Absolutely beautiful!

And here is Laura Plantation-

the creole plantation house was painted in beautiful yellow, red, and teal blue

this is a two room slave quarters

If you are ever in New Orleans, I would HIGHLY recommend the River Road Plantation Tour. I learned so much about our history, and the culture of southern plantations.

Postcard from New Orleans | Denver Fine Art Photographer

French Quarter Festival

This spring I was able to travel with my husband to New Orleans, and while he was in a conference, I wondered the city and taking fabulous photos. Our trip overlapped with the French Quarter Festival, which provided some great photography, and wonderful food for that matter!