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Anthony M’s Visions in Gold

Are you looking for that perfect Engagement Ring to tell your perfect soul mate how much you love them? Tony Mohr at Anthony M’s Visions in Gold can take your unique idea and create a ring perfect for your significant other.  His family owned and operated jewelry shop in Wheat Ridge has Cherry Creek Style at a fraction of the price, with personal service that goes above and beyond.

Below is a custom designed Wedding Band.  After Tony designs jewelry, he produces a CAD Drawing and Wax Model to help communicate the vision and final product to his clients.

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What is Local on the 8s?

Anthony Ms Visions in Gold

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Wordless Wednesday | Denver Wedding and Event Photographer

What is Wordless Wednesday?

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The Broadmoor | Denver Wedding and Event Photographer

Luxurious and Relaxing

Spending time at The Broadmoor was absolutely amazing.  Although the weather was a bit foggy and rainy, the experience was amazing.  They have mastered the art of service!  If you ever have an opportunity to spend time at this resort in Colorado Springs… jump on it!!  My husband had a conference at The Broadmoor, and I tagged along and attended a few “spouse activities”, including The Royal Gorge, and taking the Cog Railroad up Pikes Peak.



It was at The Broadmoor that I think I fell in love with Night Photography.  I took a few images because it was a bit foggy, and looking across the lake gave great reflection, and the lights halo-ed a bit mored than usual.  Also check out Wordless Wednesday – The Broadmoor.

Here are a few images of the Royal Gorge. A view from on the bridge, one from below the bridge, and one from the tram looking back at the bridge and the gorge.

We also made a quick stop at The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey in Canon City.  The conference was international, so tasting the regions wines was appealing to many on the bus.  I, however, was distracted by the beautiful surroundings.  Canon City has about 8 jails in and around the community, and many buildings were built by inmates.  In the 1930’s the Warden would have his name put on the buildings early in the construction process, so the inmates didn’t forget who was incharge.


The second “spouse trip” was to take the Cog Railway up to Pikes Peak.  I’ve driven up Pikes Peak, but never done the railway… which was really cool.  You get to the top very quickly! From a photography standpoint, however, I liked driving much better.  The best photographs are not at the top of Pikes Peak, they are of Pikes Peak.

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Wordless Wednesday | Denver Wedding Photographer

What is Wordless Wednesday?

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Postcard from California | Denver Fine Art Photographer

Yosemite National Park

Absolutely stunning.  Part 3 of our vacation takes us to Yosemite National Park, and into the Valley.  This place is a photographers dream!  It is pretty obvious how Ansel Adams and others became obsessed with photographing Yosemite.  The light is incredible, and changes continually.  I found myself taking the same photo over and over, but yet, it was never the same. What I found hilarious (and should have taken a picture of) is the amount of people lined up taking the same image at the same time.  I had MAJOR camera and lens envy! There were people with 10s of thousands of dollars worth of equipment sitting on their monopod. We spent 3 full days in the park, and easily could have spent a week. It is beautiful and it is huge!

The Mariposa Grove of Sequoia Trees is unreal! The largest tree was 90ft around at the base. I highly recommend hiking (you can take a bus, but its about a 3 mile hike to see all the “marked” trees)

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