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Headshots | Denver Portrait Photographer

Michael Scott

I met Michael this fall through Twitter. Yes, Twitter! He needed new Headshots, as he had just moved to Denver, and was revamping his website. After his Headshots were finished, we’ve continued to hang out, helping our businesses grow.  Since Michael has so much going on, I decided to have him write a bit about himself…. my first guest blogger!

With the passing of his father-in-law early last year after a long struggle with Parkinson’s, Michael Scott and his family were ready for a change. Tired of California-based suburbia and the burdens associated with a 3,200 square foot house, the family conversation quickly turned to a geographical move and simpler existence. After narrowing their list of cities down to five options, Denver, replete with numerous lifestyle amenities, was chosen as their preferred destination.

Michael, his wife Elizabeth, and daughter Gwen, now live a more simplistic life in a 877 square foot condo in the Capital Hill section of Denver. Native of Columbus, Ohio and a former health care human resources executive, Michael now divides his time between writing a book, keynote speaking and advising professionals who are in career transition. More about Michael and his work can be found at www.careervelocityllc.com.

Best of 2010 Wedding Season | Denver Wedding Photographer


I am always looking for a creative way to photography my client’s wedding rings.  It is a great way to capture details from their day, show what made their day unique, or tell a story about where their wedding took place.

I wish I knew where each one of these couples purchased their rings.  I do know that Tony at Anthony M’s Visions in Gold is a fabulous custom jeweler, and is family owned an operated, and highly recommended!

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Postcard from California | Denver Fine Art Photographer

Driving the Desert

Back in November my husband and I took off on a road trip.  We had three visits we’d been meaning to accomplish, visiting my Grandpa in Santa Monica, seeing Yosemite National Park, and our friend’s 30th Birthday in Vegas. Instead of 3 short weekends and a bunch of plane tickets, we decided to take some time off. In this 3 (or maybe four, we’ll see) part series, I’ll share some images I took along the way.

It’s not that I’m a photographer who LOVES abandoned buildings, it’s that while driving through Utah and Nevada, there ARE so many abandoned buildings.  (Okay, the Cafe in the second to last image says “open”… and it was… but no one was really there…)

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Postcard from New Orleans | Denver Fine Art Photographer

French Quarter Festival

This spring I was able to travel with my husband to New Orleans, and while he was in a conference, I wondered the city and taking fabulous photos. Our trip overlapped with the French Quarter Festival, which provided some great photography, and wonderful food for that matter!