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All-Inclusive Vacations and Cruises

Whether you are looking to book your Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, or your next vacation, All-Inclusive Vacations and Cruises knows Mexico and the Caribbean like the back of their hand.  But what I like about the crew at All-Inclusive, is they can help you where ever you are headed.  Need a rental car in San Francisco? Done.  Headed to China? They will help you lay out an itinerary that makes sense.

Meet the owners of All-Inclusive Vacations and Cruises: Jeff Gregory and Steve Lord.

The next time you are thinking about vacation, choose All-Inclusive Vacations and Cruises, because… They send you to the Sun!!

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When my aunt contacted me wanting photos of her family, I was really excited! She wanted wintery images, easy enough in Nebraska, right? Accept the area had not gotten any snow for weeks, the scenery was yucky brown ground and grey skies. hmmm.  But lucky for us, overnight we got a few inches of snow!  Unlucky for my cousins, it was 20 degrees! What you can’t see is me in my 5 layers of clothing and huge winter coat.  We did this photoshoot is quick 15 minute bursts, warming up in the vehicle, and then back out for more pictures.  Then ended our day with hot chocolate!

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9 Pan Catering

Norm Schryver of 9 Pan Catering (otherwise known as NORM!) is one of the best in the biz.  As a wedding and event photographer, I get the pleasure of sampling a lot of food from many different caterers around Colorado.  And Norm is one of the best.  His menu is inventive, yet appeals to the masses.  His presentation is stunning, yet occasion appropriate.

I’ve had the honor of working with Norm on several occasions. Below are images from a corporate social BBQ and a corporate holiday celebration.  

Also check out Norm’s Blog where he shares menu ideas, and the adventures of a caterer. I love his short commentary!

And look! Norm is famous!

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Merry Christmas!

After my Thanksgiving Blog was so popular, I decided to do the same for Christmas.  My husband and I spent 10 days with our families in Nebraska over the holidays this year, and here is a run down of events!

We spend Christmas Eve with my family.  That morning I did a quick photoshoot with my cousins. My Aunt wanted snowy photos, it was a cold one! The afternoon was spent cooking, getting the table ready and playing games. I love decorating for Christmas, something I’ve picked up from my mother… she has 5 Christmas trees!

There are a few traditions at our house. First, STOCKINGS! You’ve got to get socks and undies for Christmas. Second, mom has a tree full of Cambells Soup Ornaments, she’s been collecting them for years! Third, we eat in the Dining Room off the Christmas China, and always have Grandma Ethel’s Mashed Potatoes… yum! And lastly, we always put together puzzles. 5 to be exact this year. It seems these tiny piece puzzles are our favorites lately.

After dinner it’s time to open “presies”, as they’ve come to be known. Amber picks from the pile, and passes out accordingly. Here is Aaron opening his gift from her, she sews (and bakes and knits and croquets). This year Aaron got a sort of Hugh Hefner-eque pajama set with cowboy hats all over it…. which of course he LOVED!

Then I’ve got a shot of him in his PJs playing Pinball Machine. Attempting to beat Gramps record of 6.8 million… its an ongoing goal for many in the family!

This is the whole Potts clan, plus Margarita, our adopted international student from the College where my Mom works. She hangs out with us during the holidays when she cannot return to Columbia… and comes over whenever the dorms get old!

And what holiday celebration isn’t complete without a bottle of bubbles?

On Christmas Day Aaron and I go to his parents house (3 blocks away). And again, since I love Christmas decoration, here is a bit of what Denise had going on…

Denise LOVES making pretty candies, and I LOVE eating them… the peanut buttery ones.

Before dinner we all went to the movies – True Grit was the flick. Here is the Fisher crew!

And incase you missed the previous Wordless Wednesday post, here are our kitties.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!