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Little White Dress + Liancarlo

This weekend, August 15-18th, Little White Dress has then entire Liancarlo collection. I had the privilege of previewing the collection yesterday, and every dress is absolutely STUNNING!!

Here is a little sneak peek!!

Little White Dress, designer wedding dress by Liancarlo, Denver Wedding Photographer

Here is more information from Little White Dress, and a feature on COUTURE Colorado blog.

Happy Dress shopping!!



Take a look at Liancarlo’s design process

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, start to finish. As well as what inspired his new Venetian Light collection.


Couture Colorado :: Featured post by Audrey Michel, Wedding Photographer

Laura + Collin | Featured on COUTURE Colorado

I am thrilled to announce COUTURE Colorado featured Laura and Collin’s beautiful wedding day on their blog this week! Check out COUTURE Colorado’s post, as well as my take on their wedding day.

Wedding Party Photos, Denver Wedding Photographer



Telluride Wedding Photographer :: Colorado Wedding Photographer

Mountain Air

There is something about the mountain air that brings my blood pressure down, it is so relaxing!!

Aaron and I spent last weekend hiking and hanging out in Telluride. SO BEAUTIFUL! Everywhere you look are stunning views.

Telluride Wedding Photographer, Colorado Wedding Photographer, Mountain Wedding Photographer

As a Denver girl, I spend a lot of time in the Front Range and Summit County, which I love. I honestly thought all of the Rocky Mountains looked similar. The San Juan range in southwest Colorado are much steeper, coupled with mesas, bluffs, and cliffs. So different, and beautiful in their own way.

Telluride Wedding Photography, Colorado Wedding Photographer, Mountain Wedding Photographer

What I appreciated most about Telluride, beyond the breathtaking views, is the town’s intense intent on maintaining the integrity of the town’s look and feel.  In 1964 the core town of Telluride was put on the National Historic Landmark District registry. An honor the town takes very seriously. Their architecture, traditional design, open space, and small mountain town feel are all very much intact.  The valley floor open space as you approach Telluride will always remain, leaving little room for expansion, and therefore limiting real estate for a fortunate few. The town has done a great job to maintain their small scale, everything is walkable, and pedestrian friendly.  I think the best decision to keep cars out, is the free gondola connecting Telluride to Mountain Village (at the top of Telluride Ski Resort).  The Green Gondola Project transports the public between the two towns saving an average of 2 million cars a year from driving the 8 mile trip, and cuts travel time to a matter of minutes. And of course the ride is stunning!

Aaron and I had an awesome time! And of course, cannot wait to get back. Also, a big thank you to Hotel Madeline for hosting us!



more about our trip can be found on my personal blog Rewired Life.


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Colorado Wedding Photographers :: Indulge in Life

Permission to Indulge

I recently re-launched my business and defined my ideal wedding client as an Indulgent and Sophisticated bride.  And although these words are TOTALLY me, I struggled when saying it out loud. It took some time to embrace and define what I meant by indulge.  A wedding day is all about being surrounded by the people you love and celebrating life.  Sharing your excitement and spoiling the people you love to say “Thank you for being a part of my life, and celebrating this day with us”.

Celebrating is indulging!

Celebrating is the time to say “Life has been good to me, and I want to share it with those I love.” Indulge your loved ones with the best!

Colorado Wedding Photographers, Indulgent Reception

Colorado Wedding Photographers, Foodie Wedding, small plate catering

Colorado Wedding Photographers, Wedding Cake, Simple Elegant

Colorado Wedding Photographers, Bridal Bouquet, Yellow, Peach, White

If this is what your big day is all about… I love you already! Let’s talk!

Featured Vendors on this post include:

Ralston Hall Mansion

The Kitchen Mistress

Frills Cake Shop (now closed, super bummed!)

Ralston Florist



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Real Beauty :: Colorado Wedding Photographers

How a Dove commercial made me cry…

I woke up the other morning to my Facebook feed blowing up with this Dove commercial.  To be honest, I’m not much of a YouTube person, I rarely watch the funny videos floating around. But when some of my female photographer friends that share my enthusiasm for helping women feel beautiful, comment about bawling over this video… I had to watch it.

I feel strongly that every woman should watch this…



I’ve watched this video over and over. Like many, the most impactful part for me, was revealing the visual differences between a woman’s own perception of herself and the perception of others.  What I love most about being a wedding photographer is the ability to show women the beauty I see. When I look at my clients, I see a beautiful, amazing woman.  It is incredibly fulfilling and powerful for me to get to show women what I see in them.



Tomorrow my thoughts on Feeling Beautiful post to my personal blog Rewired Life.

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