Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame | Denver Event Photographer

Congratulations to the 2010 inductees!

During an inspiring celebration of the many accomplishments of Colorado women, ten women were inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall Fame. The group consisted of four historical inductees and six women practicing in various fields from engineering, research, education and government officials.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame 2010

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame 2010 inductees

Throughout the evening we heard from inductees, their families and friends.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Alice Bemis Taylor

Philanthropist, Alice Bemis Taylor, was the lead female founder and benefactor of cultural and social institutions in early Colorado Springs.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Bartley Marie Scott

Bartley Marie Scott was a rancher and conservationist in Ouray County. She was a pioneer of ranchland management and natural resources stewardship.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Susan Jean O'Brian

Susan Jean O’Brien was a journalist and columnist for the Denver Post.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Hatite McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel was the first African American Woman to win an Oscar for her supporting role as Mammy in the 1939 film Gone with the Wind.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Jill Tietjen

Jill Tietjen is a registered professional engineer, she works in the electric utility industry as well as an educator and professional speaker.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Ramona Martinez

Ramona Martinez is a politician who has tirelessly worked to ensure that women, minorities and local business grow and thrive throughout the state and country.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Philippa Marrack, Ph.D.

In the labs of Denver’s National Jewish HealthPhilippa Marrack does groundbreaking immunology research on T-Cells impacting the health of people across the world.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Maria Guajardo, Ph.D

Maria Guajardo, a clinical psychologist and early childhood development specialist, has committed herself to improving the lives of children locally, nationally and internationally.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Elinor Greenberg, Ed.D

Elinor Greenberg is a national leader in adult education and development. She is a visionary who believes education is the key to social change and social justice.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame - Madeleine Albright

Although Madeleine Albright was unable to attend the ceremony, listening to her longtime friend speak about knowing the first woman secretary of state was amazing.

The Mistress of Ceremonies was the beautiful Marilyn Van Derbur Atler.

Music was provided by Warren Baker of Everything Music. For a sampling of original music contact

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From Hattie McDaniel to Madeleine Albright

White House cookies anyone? | Denver Event Photographer

Baking up a secret recipe

Chef Rachel Ruff served as a White House pastry chef and is now living in Denver.  Rachel, along with Mayor John HickenlooperChristian Anschutz, and a room full of Denver’s best realtors come together to promote the highend Northcreek condos, and an upcoming Biennial of the Americas event.

Chef Rachel Ruff bakes the White House secret recipe, chocolate chip cookies

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Endometriosis | Denver Fine Art Photographer

Lupron and Endometriosis inspired photography and photoshop digital art

An alternative path

When Abbott pharmaceuticals called to commission work inspired by my experience with Endometriosis, I wasn’t sure what direction was best.  While speaking with their representative I discovered they are the manufacturer forLupron. This drug has several uses, but for Endometriosis patients like myself, Lupron is a hormone shot which forces your body into menopause. The purpose is to help shrink the presence of endometriosis cells and stop the spread of new cells. Not a bad thought. However, at any age, patients get to experience menopause. That’s right, the hot flashes, hormonal roller coaster, osteoporosis side effects, all of it.

For me, this piece is a tale of two very different paths of confronting this disease. The top portion portraying the chaos, confusion, fogginess, and withdrawal the mass amounts of medicine created in my life. And the lower half being an alternative path, a long road, but for now has been one of more clarity.

I NEED YOUR HELP! First, I would love comments! What do you think? Does it give the emotions and tell the story mentioned above? AND, I need a title. Please leave you suggestions in the comment section below. THANKS!

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Embrace! Denver Art Museum, contemporary art celebration | Denver Event Photographer

World renowned artists take over the museum

Site specific installations commissioned by the Denver Art Museum to Embrace! the bold architecture will be on display from Nov. 2009 through April 2010. Artists from around the world, including Denver’s own John McEnroe, came together at the opening reception to celebrate 17 different pieces of art.  The evening was lead by the Denver Art Museum’s curator Christoph Heinrich, treating patrons to a personal tour of the exhibit. Later Mayor John Hickenlooper toasted the evening, followed by a few words by museum architect Daniel Libeskind.

Christoph Heinrich starts the tour of Embrace! with this four story painting by Katharina Grosse

John McEnroe's work Element from The Bathers

Nicola Lopez with her work Untitled road map in the background

Zhong Biao - Draft of Mirage

Architect Daniel Libeskind, Mayor John Hickenlooper, Natalie Saxe, Christoph Heinrich

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Design After Dark – The Denver Art Museum | Denver Event Photographer

Design After Dark – SKIN

…is the fundraising gala hosted by the Denver Art Museum’s Design Council, which supports the department of Architecture, Design and Graphics. This year Redline Gallery was the setting for the party themed SKIN, all about surfaces. The hip event featured a tattoo artist, Fish, from Th’ink Tank Tattoo, dancers from Electric Koolaid Concepts, artifacts designed by creative locals, and fabulous one of a kind silent auction items. Delicious food was catered by Gourmet Fine Catering and several DJs entertained the crowd including DJ Bena.

Special thank you to Benjamin Moore and Luxe Magazine, and Megan Hudacky of cky designs.

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