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I believe in honoring the energy and spirit within art and objects. What does that mean? My education is Bachelor’s of Science in Design with a minor in Art History, and it is where my appreciation of artistry and attention to detail began. One of a kind objects, born of someone’s creativity and imagination makes my heart sing! I can FEEL the artists’ spirit spilling out of the object.

There are a few things I’ve held onto from my days as a designer, and photographing events for Luxe Interiors and Design Magazine is one of them. I love the opportunity to see my old design friends, which is always fun to catch up. And, I get to be an integral part of amazing events. Luxe Magazine draws very design oriented, sophisticated clientele, and always finds the most unique event locations.

Recently I had the opprotunity to provide press coverage for the International Interior Design Association’s (IIDA) event Pret-a-Porte. This is a Ready to Wear fashion event where designers are tasked with designing and creating a couture fashion piece, and wearing the outfit down the runway. Designers are paired with interior material companies and must use the assigned construction materials for the entire outfit. Assigned materials could include flooring such as carpet, hardwoods, or tile, even lighting or office workstation materials. Then, each team must take inspiration from the Roaring ’20’s.

IIDA Pret a Porte, Wedding Photographer

I wanted to write about this event because I was SO VERY impressed by the creativity and artistry of the designers, and by the attention to detail. How impressive of a dress could you really create from carpet or countertop laminate? These designers deconstructed materials and utilized every last ounce of available components. Instead of simply cutting carpet for a skirt, one team used uncut carpet fibers as a fringe detail. Brilliant!

I’m sharing the work of this first design team from H+L Architecture and Kimball Office because I loved the piece they created. Utilizing office chair fabric and desk laminate they created this reversible skirt. But, what caught my attention was the sheer CONFIDENCE the model (also the designer) displayed walking the runway. It was contagious! The audience was sharing in her joy. Loved it! This ensamble won Best of Show for Soft Material

IIDA Pret a Porte, Wedding Photographer

This design team from  Aquilano Leslie and Capco Tile took the show’s 1920’s inspiration  to heart.  Utilizing mosaic tiles, they created a flapper inspired dress and accessories.  Let me say that again, they created this dress with hand glued, individual mosaic wall TILE!  This design won Best in Show.

IIDA Pret a Porte, Wedding Photographer

As these two girls showed off their team’s designs, ideas, and creativity, you could feel their team’s energy and spirit strut down the runway. It was awe inspiring to be a part of such an artistic and fun evening!



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Santa Fe Art Excursion


If you’ve read my about me page, you know I believe in celebrating art.  As an art history major in college, I’ve studied why different cultures produce art. I’ve visited a large majority of the world’s prominent museums

, and have excitedly informed my friends and family with discriptions of different pieces. I can’t help myself…I love it!

So when my husband came home from work, saying his boss offered us their house in Santa Fe for the weekend, I was like “hell ya! How soon can we go??”.
Their house is walking distance to Canyon Road art district, perfect!  I was determined to find a piece for my office…about 3ft by 4ft tall to go above the sofa.  Great concept. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for $10,000+…ooops. I was totally bummed. But, my large format painting shall remain on my radar.  I did find a nice piece of pottery, and a couple of gifts. YAY!
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, Sophisticated, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer” width=”400″ height=”650″ />   Denver Luxury Wedding Photographer, Sophisticated, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer

Denver Luxury Wedding Photographer, Sophisticated, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer

Paintings | Denver Fine Art Photographer

Charlene Goldman

I met Charlene a few years ago, as we both participated in the Ladies Who Launch Incubator to help turn our dream into our business.  Both being artists, we easily formed a bond.  Fast forward to today, Charlene has been creating beautiful oil paintings and I have been photographing them for her to submit to competitions and art galleries.  I think its been fun for both of us to watch our talents and business thrive!

Charlene has also been featured on Wordless Wednesday blogs twice now! Wordless Wednesday 1, and Wordless Wednesday 2

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