Postcard from Savannah | Denver Fine Art Photographer

I love traveling, and I love taking pictures while traveling (although my new lenses are REALY heavy!).  My best friend and I spent the weekend in Savannah, Georgia, just hanging out.  Now, we live in Denver… ie… no humidity… and the weekend we were in Savannah it was 90degrees with 90% humidity. It was ridiculously hot.  So there was a lot of cocktail breaks, but I managed to get a bunch of photos as well.

Alot of times I find myself taking pictures of similar things. Apparently I was enjoying signage! Lady & Sons is Paula Dean’s restaurant, The Crypt Pub was a nightclub outside our apartment (lovely at 3am!), and Southern Antiques had the Spanish Moss that we loved.

LOVE this sign!

We went on a River Boat Cruise, which may have been my favorite part. Savannah has always been a Port of Entry. The River Front is lined with beautiful old buildings.  And I think I have an eye for industrial photography…?

… and if you read my blog regularly you’ll know I am really starting to love night photography, especially around water.

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