Postcard from North Dakota – eh?

North Dakota is becoming our second home.  My husband works in the oil fields and spends about a week out of every month up there.  This was my first time joining him, since temperatures during the winter get far below zero, and I had a great time.  


The photo of the pump jack is from a well Aaron drilled, and was my first time being so close! He also took me onto the well site he is currently drilling where I saw the organized chaos of rig hands, drillers, company men, mudloggers, engineers and so on. Its an amazing operation!


Have you ever seen a new born calf wobbling to its feet? I hadn’t, not this close anyway! 


We spent an afternoon at a co-workers ranch in the Badlands, touring the stunning landscape and visiting the myriad of animals. Absolutely beautiful…and it’s winter! I can’t wait to go back later spring/summer time. I’m sure there will be more Postcards from North Dakota!