Postcard from California | Denver Fine Art Photographer

Yosemite National Park

Absolutely stunning.  Part 3 of our vacation takes us to Yosemite National Park, and into the Valley.  This place is a photographers dream!  It is pretty obvious how Ansel Adams and others became obsessed with photographing Yosemite.  The light is incredible, and changes continually.  I found myself taking the same photo over and over, but yet, it was never the same. What I found hilarious (and should have taken a picture of) is the amount of people lined up taking the same image at the same time.  I had MAJOR camera and lens envy! There were people with 10s of thousands of dollars worth of equipment sitting on their monopod. We spent 3 full days in the park, and easily could have spent a week. It is beautiful and it is huge!

The Mariposa Grove of Sequoia Trees is unreal! The largest tree was 90ft around at the base. I highly recommend hiking (you can take a bus, but its about a 3 mile hike to see all the “marked” trees)

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