Meredith’s Headshots | Denver Portrait Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Meredith, of Meredith Greager Photography, and I had a bit of a Wedding Photography weekend.  We’ve been friends for years, and both had different careers before photography.  And at one point both got digital cameras and started taking classes together, which lead us to where we are now… Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Only Mere moved to Austin :( (I’m actually really happy for her, it’s home, but I miss my PhotoBFF!)

Anyway, Meredith was my fabulous second photographer for Meagan and Eric’s wedding and we also did a fun Styled Shoot together.  And since Meredith didn’t have any current headshots, we took a walk around my neighborhood.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

Check out her portfolio! Meredith Greager Photography and if you or someone you know lives in or around Austin, Texas… you just found your photographer! Much love!