Memories of My Wedding

Since wedding photography is a big part of my business, I thought it would be fun in this inaugural blog post to give some insight into how my photography style came to be!  

My husband, Aaron and I were married on November 5, 2005 — our 8 year anniversary — in a mid-sized town in Nebraska.  I struggled with finding a photographer, as the five photographers in my hometown all have very traditional and posed styles and I was looking for more of a creative, photo-journalistic style.  

At the time, I was a designer living in Houston and my best friend was also getting married, ironically, the day before Aaron and I (in Houston, not in Nebraska).  A lot of my ideas were influenced by what was available in Houston.  I loved all the unique, artistic photographers.  I wanted more than a posed snapshot.  Frustrated by my options, I began asking others for help and learned that an old friend did wedding photography on the side and had the exact type of stye I was looking for!  It was an awesome experience, we had great communication and the result was very photojournalistic.  While we had a few posed shots of the “new families”, everything else was a documentary of what was happening.  

I loved the relationship I had with our wedding photographer because she took our list of “must have photos” very seriously and if anyone had an idea for another shot, she was accommodating.  It was perfect – I felt like I had a partner! 

Personalized service and capturing unique details is very important.  Like many brides, I spent hours pouring over details that would make our day different than others, and wanted it to be remembered. 

Showing raw emotions and telling a story is at the root of my photography.  I want to capture the essence of your day, the way it’s been playing in your head for months (if not years)!