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Interview with a Makeup Artist

I suggest professional makeup to all my clients. Between sunlight and the camera, your complexion gets washed out.  Professional makeup artists know how to apply product to highlight facial features and hide trouble spots.

I sat down with the lovely ladies of AK Studio, Angie and Kori, to discuss the advantages of bringing professional stylists to your wedding day…and I wanted to share our Top 5.

5. A Cohesive Look.

I think it is a universal desire for the bride’s look to be cohesive, but what about the hair and makeup of the entire bridal party? Of course, we don’t want all of the bridesmaids to look the same, but a well thought out, cohesive look really brings the style of the wedding day together.

4. Proper Color Choices.

Just because tangerine is the wedding color, doesn’t mean makeup has to be tangerine! Finding a color to perfectly compliment your skin tone and bring in the colors of your day is very important. Utilizing professional stylists will help blend everything together, and leave you looking your best! AK Studio offers complimentary trial for all their brides.

3. Your Makeup Lasts the Whole Day.

Weddings are a long day! Many times bridal makeup is done 3+ hours before the ceremony starts. We want your makeup to be fresh from Bridal Portraits to the First Dance. Kori and Angie have the ability to airbrush foundation. I am becoming a big fan of airbrushing, it’s a flawless finish that lasts. AK Studio also provides a touch-up kit, perfect for when you need to reapply lipgloss after your first kiss as husband and wife.

2. Look Like Yourself, Just Upgraded!

If you’ve never had professional makeup done before, it can be a little bit shocking.  We’re all used to seeing ourselves with the makeup we do everyday. Applying makeup for the camera is different than real life. My first suggestion is eyelashes.  Thicker, longer lashes really make your eyes pop! Second, AK Studio will apply highlights and lowlights to contour your facial features. This helps make eyes bigger and brighter, and helps your best features stand out.

1. Relax! It’s your wedding day, enjoy being pampered!

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