Local on the 8s | Denver Wedding Photographer

What’s this?

A new section to my blog! I wanted to highlight all the vendors around Denver creating fabulous weddings, as well as other vendors that I use to grow my photography business.

Why “Local on the 8s”? Well, I wanted to feature this blog once a month, and wanted it to be based on LOCAL talent. ¬†Growing up (and still to this day) my Dad watched The Weather Channel CONSTANTLY! He always wanted to know what the weather was going to do today, and Local on the 8s gave you the latest radar and information for your area every 10 minutes (:08, :18, :28… ect).

So welcome to AudreyMichel Photography’s version of Local on the 8s, check it out on the 8th of every month. Learn about caterers, stylists, planners, and any other people I find interesting!