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Tina Gill of Worthwhile Style is a huge asset to the photography industry and to your wedding day.  She offers Wedding Day style, which could be helping you find your dream dress, selecting bridesmaid dresses to best fit your girls, or helping design beautiful tables… Tina has an eye for style and has an abundance to connections to find the items you need to make your day unique.

Here are a few wedding photoshoots that Tina and I have been a part of…

First, Mile High Photographer’s Details Workshop. Tina played a huge roll in designing outfits and accessories for “Country Wedding”, “Vintage Wedding”, and “Rock n’ Roll Wedding”. More Country Wedding images can be found on an earlier post.  Her she’s dressing our “vintage” groom. The best part about having Tina on a shoot is having someone to keep an eye on wardrobe, look for additional shoot locations, and she has a huge accessory box to tweak styles.  As a photographer, you just can’t see everything. I’m looking for great light, composition and angles… and yes… I miss flyaway hairs, or suit jackets needing to be buttoned. But not to worry T’s got you covered!

Here we utilized slight accessory changes to completely alter the bride’s look. Her dress is the same throughout. Tina changed her from fun and funky, to very sophisticated!

Tina also writes as the Denver Personal Style Examiner, and is the stylist for Wilhelmena Modeling Agency.

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