Ladies Who Launch – Leading Lady Awards | Denver Event Photographer

Headshot Assembly Line

With two hours and a dozen women to photograph, I started to feel like a machine! Usually headshot sessions last a half hour to 45 minutes for one person, I have time to figure out their angle, get to know the person, find different backgrounds, maybe an outfit change…but today…we were on a mission!

Thanks to Katy Tartakoff for the use of her photography studio!

Alison Franson – Beatrice Holiday

Kathryn Ames – Bruz Wear

Jessica Smith – Casttoo, Inc

Diana Mercer – Clementine Art

Heather Widdison – CoolBeans

Renee Israel – Doc Popcorn

Marissa Perry Saints – Dsenyo

Katy Tartakoff – Katy Tartakoff Photography

Kelly Campbell – Kellybeth Designs

Kay Byrd – KTime Productions

Kristin Hill – My Art Workshop

Alicia Vargo – Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie

Whitney Trujillo – The Mother List

Katie Wise – Yo Mama Yoga

And of course thank you to Ricki Booker and Olivia Omega Logan of Ladies Who Launch Denver and Boulder for putting on the Leading Lady Awards at the Curtis Hotel on November 5th, 2009.