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My best friend’s wedding

This summer I had the honor of photographing one of my best friend’s weddings. Always such an honor to be an integral part of a wedding day.

Julie has always said, “When I get married, you have to be my photographer.” OK!

And then this spring…the ring went on her finger, and I got the message, “You have to have September 28th open!” Sure enough, I did. Let the journey begin!

Prior to any wedding day, I like to participate in the planner or coordinator’s final walk through. It is a great opportunity to get everyone on the same page. Walk throughs help me understand unique logistics and intricate details of the day, which in turn helps me organize photos throughout the day.

Julie assembled a great team of vendors, and we had a great final walkthrough. Everything was coming together perfectly! On our way home from the venue we finished up photo related conversations. Julie got really quiet and serious, “I am so sorry you are having to do all this work. I feel bad, I should have just hired a different photographer. I wish you could just relax and be a guest. I want you to enjoy yourself!”

I smiled and said, “Ask me what I enjoy.” She did. I told her when given the choice, I would rather be a photographer at a wedding over being a guest. I get to see your day in a way no one else does. I get to be with you all day; not just watch from afar, hoping to talk to you for a couple of minutes. It felt really great to see my best friend exhale. She thought she was making me work when I am supposed to be celebrating. Being a wedding photographer is not work, or is it a job. For me, being an integral part of a wedding day IS my way to CELEBRATE.

These are the moments that only I get to see, moments that bring me happiness. I believe if I wasn’t there to capture it, no one else would get to see it either. As I sit here editing Julie’s wedding, these are the moments I felt most privileged to witness and now, share.

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I’ve said it before, that one of my favorite moments of the day is the first photograph of the bride. Every bride glows on her wedding day. In this moment captured above, I believe I said something like, “Honey, you are getting married today!” Julie exhaled, and gave me this smile. It will forever be burned into my mind, just how beautiful my friend was on her wedding day.

Colorado Wedding Photographer, Mountain Wedding Photographer, Denver Wedding Photographer

There are so many images of Julie and Seth that I love. This one in particular seems to describe them best, to me anyway. I can hear Julie’s laugh as she looks at herĀ almostĀ husband.


The last few moments with Dad and his little girl is one I will always cherish. I love watching the dynamics. Sometimes the moment is too emotional and they won’t look at each other, and other times I get really sweet glances…like I did Julie and her father.

Julie, thank you for allowing me to be your photographer, and giving me the gift of witnessing such intimate moments of your day. You are beautiful inside and out.

Congratulations to you and Seth!