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Lupron and Endometriosis inspired photography and photoshop digital art

An alternative path

When Abbott pharmaceuticals called to commission work inspired by my experience with Endometriosis, I wasn’t sure what direction was best.  While speaking with their representative I discovered they are the manufacturer forLupron. This drug has several uses, but for Endometriosis patients like myself, Lupron is a hormone shot which forces your body into menopause. The purpose is to help shrink the presence of endometriosis cells and stop the spread of new cells. Not a bad thought. However, at any age, patients get to experience menopause. That’s right, the hot flashes, hormonal roller coaster, osteoporosis side effects, all of it.

For me, this piece is a tale of two very different paths of confronting this disease. The top portion portraying the chaos, confusion, fogginess, and withdrawal the mass amounts of medicine created in my life. And the lower half being an alternative path, a long road, but for now has been one of more clarity.

I NEED YOUR HELP! First, I would love comments! What do you think? Does it give the emotions and tell the story mentioned above? AND, I need a title. Please leave you suggestions in the comment section below. THANKS!

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