i believe…

…style is in the details and in dedication to the choice.

…in celebrating beauty and honoring the energy and spirit within art and objects.

… in participating in a book club that never discusses the book.

…in trusting my body-mind and following positive energy of the universe.

…in a traveling husband; time to myself, terrible tv, and too much Pinot Grigio with the girls.

…in participating in the NSS (no shower Sunday).

…in indulging in a raspberry white chocolate mocha, extra hot, no whip.

…the house intentionally makes noise to freak me out.

…in cleaning right before someone comes over…most of the time.

…in my girl time, and love when my hubby tags along.

…in my husband doing the man-chores for all our single ladies.

…I am living my happily ever after

I am happy to be a SuperDINK