Denver Wedding Photographer | Studio Sweet Marie

Dessert Table

I teamed up with Denver Wedding Stylist and Florist, Tina of Worthwhile Style and Lisa of Sweet Pea Flowers once again.  I love the creativity that comes flowing from their brains.  Every last detail is planned and executed with such precision!… which for me is an absolute dream to photograph. They thought of how the table would photograph as a whole, and how the sorbet would look in a detail shot…YUMMY! We’ve got great color, texture, pattern and a cohesive design.  What more could a wedding photographer want?  Plus, these two are just a blast! :)  If you haven’t ever been to Studio Sweet Marie, you’ve got to visit.  Every corner is dripping with inspiration and beautiful items to help bring your wedding day to life.



AudreyMichel Photography has select dates for the 2012 season remaining.  Contact us for more details and to inquire about your day!