Denver Wedding Photographer :: Indulgent Holiday Celebration

I love the Holidays!

I love the holidays. I love decorating. I love wrapping presets. I love all the parties. I love special meals. And I love hanging out with all our family and friends.
My husband and I are both from Nebraska

, and travel back there often. Even more now that I have a nephew, Henry.

Every year my family has a different meal for Christmas Eve dinner, and this year we decided on stuffed Cornish Game hens. One for each of us, along with sweet potatoes, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto (appetizers), and a spinach salad. For dessert my sister made ricotta cheesecake with a blackberry reduction sauce. Since I don’t particularly cook these days, we bring the fancy champagne…  Can you say, delightful?!

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After dinner we open presents, and I have to say, Santa was particularly generous this year.  This was Henry’s second Xmas, but since he was 6 months old last time, it didn’t really count.  I think I need a newer, larger sleigh to get all his gifts back to Nebraska. What can I say, it is my official job as auntie to spoil him rotten…And love every minute of it!!
                 Denver Wedding Photographer, Audrey Michel, Indulgent Celebration   Denver Wedding Photographer, Audrey Michel, Indulgent Celebration
And of course I had to photograph Henry playing in the snow… or did we do a photoshoot in the snow? motivations are debatable!  Either way, here is one more of his cute little face!