Denver Wedding Photographer :: Endometriosis and a journey to wellness

Love. Heal. Celebrate.

I am a 17 year chronic pain survivor. I am currently living symptom free of endometriosis. During my teenage years and as I was becoming a woman I endured intense pain and crazy hormone treatments. I despised the idea that because I am a woman, I had to endure the intense pain and a horror movie of emotions during monthly cycles. I lost my voice as a woman. I lost loving my body. I lost feeling beautiful. I lost loving and celebrating life in lieu of surviving.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered WHY I love being a Wedding Photographer.  At a wedding, I get to celebrate life and be surrounded by incredible love.  And as I photograph a beautiful bride glowing from within, I get to feel beautiful right along with her. So when I say, “It makes me cry to think, I get to make a beautiful girl FEEL beautiful”

, it really does. It makes me cry because I get to feel beautiful too.

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Today my blog, Rewired Life, launches. I couldn’t be more excited to share about my journey to wellness, and to love, heal, and celebrate. Part 2 of this post Love. Heal. Celebrate. goes live on Rewired Life on Wednesday. I am excited to share my perspective, and how my past shapes the artist I am today.