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A letter to a beautiful bride

Dear Jamie,

As I flipped through your wedding, making final edits and preparing to deliver your images, this photograph got me all teary eyed. I sat back, and thought about the day we met, almost a year ago, the day you ultimately chose to hire me for your wedding. I cried that day too.

You didn’t know it, but at the time I was revamping my business. I had hired a business coach with the premise of discovering why I love photography, and designing my business accordingly. As you talked about your dislike of a recent photograph of yourself, and how you wanted nothing more than look back at images from your day and feel beautiful, I felt so connected to you. We both teared up. In that moment I discovered exactly why I love being a wedding photographer. I LOVE helping women feel beautiful. I believe every bride glows on her wedding day, and nothing makes me happier than to capture that glow for her to share with loved ones for a lifetime. It makes me happy, because I get to feel beautiful right along with her.

I wanted to say thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your fears. Your courage helped me rediscover my love of photography, define my passion, and find the words to communicate my passion with others.

This is the image that made me cry. The first few moments of a bride in her wedding gown are always my favorite. The “oh, my, I’m a bride” smile washes over her face. The deep, authentic smile that is hard to get rid of, overwhelms her body. And you can feel her joy.

Denver Wedding Photographer, bride feeling beautiful

Jamie, you are a beautiful woman. It was an honor to spend your wedding day with you! Joe is a lucky man. xoxo