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Grandpa’s farm

Last summer after the passing of my husband’s Grandfather, we became proud owners of the family farm.  This summer we were home for a week while I photographed a friend’s wedding (Mr and Mrs Settles), and I cannot tell you how excited I was to photograph our corn. Seriously. I grew up in Nebraska, you’d think looking at corn would be just another day. But something about it being mine made me so excited. Granted it took us longer to get there than for me to take pics… there were 10,000 mosquitos swarming my head… so the photoshoot was VERY efficient!

my idea was to walk into the corn rows and shoot up towards the sun, creating a sun flare and silhouette with the stalks, but the corn rows were literally 6″ apart… and there were more bugs on my body than I could count! Next idea… capture the vast amount of fields going on forever!

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