World’s Colliding

World’s Colliding

This was a great day! I absolutely ADORE working with powerful business women who are creative and making a difference. Miss Katie Den Ouden and I have been working together on my Rewired Life side of things, and last week I had an opportunity to take her portraits. My world’s collided, and it was fantastic!

Oh. What. Fun.

Katie needed images for marketing material for her (now running) Skinny Dip Society Blog Tour. ummm…you want to know what this is all about don’t you?!? Katie put together a group of 25 inspiring women with amazing stories who are living life FULLY. You can follow these women here: Skinny Dip Society Blog Tour

Modern Womens Business Portraits and Headshots

Modern Womens Business Portraits and HeadshotsWe took about 500 images in our hour together…first because I shoot continuously. I’ve found the “out-takes” are where the magic lives! When you stop paying attention to the camera, I find your personality. Second, we just had too much fun to stop! Lol! You’d think out of 500 images I’d find favorites in a variety of outfits, but I have to be honest, her flower head-piece is just too much fun! A big thank you to the lovely ladies at The Perfect Petal for putting it together. It is perfect. I’m pretty sure Katie wore it the rest of the day….shhh!

The work I am doing with Rewired Life and endometriosis can be found on Day 4 of the Blog Tour. I shared thoughts on living in the moment, self-care, and inner reflection.

Get more information on the Skinny Dip Society!

MUCH LOVE!Skinny Dip Society Blog Tour



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Denver Wedding Photographer :: Indulgent Holiday Celebration

I love the Holidays!

I love the holidays. I love decorating. I love wrapping presets. I love all the parties. I love special meals. And I love hanging out with all our family and friends.
My husband and I are both from Nebraska

, and travel back there often. Even more now that I have a nephew, Henry.

Every year my family has a different meal for Christmas Eve dinner, and this year we decided on stuffed Cornish Game hens. One for each of us, along with sweet potatoes, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto (appetizers), and a spinach salad. For dessert my sister made ricotta cheesecake with a blackberry reduction sauce. Since I don’t particularly cook these days, we bring the fancy champagne…  Can you say, delightful?!

, Audrey Michel, Indulgent Celebration” width=”900″ height=”463″ />

After dinner we open presents, and I have to say, Santa was particularly generous this year.  This was Henry’s second Xmas, but since he was 6 months old last time, it didn’t really count.  I think I need a newer, larger sleigh to get all his gifts back to Nebraska. What can I say, it is my official job as auntie to spoil him rotten…And love every minute of it!!
                 Denver Wedding Photographer, Audrey Michel, Indulgent Celebration   Denver Wedding Photographer, Audrey Michel, Indulgent Celebration
And of course I had to photograph Henry playing in the snow… or did we do a photoshoot in the snow? motivations are debatable!  Either way, here is one more of his cute little face!

Denver Portrait Photographer | Mountain hike

Pekny Family

While on vacation, friends of our decided they wanted do a fun family shoot of everyone hanging out and having fun.  The Pekny’s are laid back, and I if they were ever to move to Colorado, they would fit right in. (just a suggestion!!!)  At 2 years old, Max is just adorable.  I think I most loved his hair, I love how the light catches it and he gets a little halo :)

We went to Elk Meadows for its open meadows and mountain views and then onto Evergreen Lake.  Max LOVES the “waters” and we spent most of our time chasing after him before he dove in… the third image down is a classic example!

AudreyMichel Photography books family portraits sessions during week nights or weekends and customizes locations and ideas to fit you and your family.

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Denver Portrait Photographer | 9 Month Portraits

Handsome Henry

Seriously, look at that face! Photographing my nephew will always be my favorite.  We did this in about 15 minutes in my mom’s backyard, and look at all the adorable faces he give me…ahhhh!!!!  He’s probably going to grow up thinking my face is a camera

, because I cannot stop taking pictures of him!



Denver Family Portrait Photographer | Twins

Emma + Avery

I’ve been photographing the girls since they were born, it is my favorite part about being a Family Portrait Photographer, watching my little clients grow.  Emma and Avery were barely over 4lbs when they were born, and now at 3 years old they are cuter than ever! I love each of their personalities and their spirit.

Here are a few images from our lovely afternoon at City Park…



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