Brides: What photographs are most important to you?

Keep it Simple

When you think about your wedding day, what is the one photograph you absolutely have to have? Here is a suggested list of must take wedding photographs:

The Kiss

  1. The Kiss
  2. The Wedding Party
  3. The New Couple
  4. The New Family
  5. The Flowers




Sound simple? It’s a great way to go, as it allows for creativity and flexibility!  The best way to get candid, photojournalistic results is to live in the moment!  And if you have an extensive list of “must have photographs” all the sudden your day is run by “the list”, instead having a day of hanging out with family and friends. There is enough anxiety and anticipation on your wedding day the way it is. You don’t need to be rushing around making sure you squeeze in all 50 specific photographs on your list!

There is one list I suggest being specific about: Posed Family Photographs.  Making a list of what shots you want and who is going to be in them is really helpful for all involved.  Everyone knows when and where they are supposed to be photographed, helping everything run smoothly!

Photograph like a Pro

Make my photographs

look like theirs!


Here are some easy ways to take your Portrait Photography to the next level:

  • Dynamic Compositions – Utilize the rule of thirds and experiment with placing your subject to the left or right of center.  This forces your eye to move around the photograph, making the image feel more interesting.

    lauren-919 lauren-919-3-copy

  • Soften the Background – Use Portrait Mode!                                                              Focus your camera on your subject, and the camera will blur out the background.   Blurring the background helps to draw attention to the subject, and quiet any chaos in the background.

englandireland080065      englandireland080065b

  • To capture emotion…Get in Close! – get close to your subject, the photo will become more dynamic and personal.  Then have your subjects interact with eachother!  Now, this is a nice Portrait Photograph. Look what happens when I zoom in and catch Mom and Daughter talking!…Which image do you think sold?

sandalcidi2008-077  sandalcidi2008-080a

You don’t need a big, expensive, fancy camera to take great pictures. Just practice utilizing these tips!