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Indulgent Wedding Cakes by Intricate Icings

If you are looking for a decadent and indulgent wedding cake, beautifully designed with modern elements and attention to detail… Rachael Teufel with Intricate Icings is your girl.  Rachael has been a Food Network Competitor 3 times, taking second place twice, and winning her final episode.  Rachael also teaches online cake design classes for

What I love about Rachael, and where her and I have connected, is her absolute passion for modern design, and intense attention to detail. Earlier this summer I had the honor of spending some time at the Intricate Icings studio photographing some of their favorite cakes, and watching the team create masterpieces.

The cakes I gravitated to were inspired by designer wedding dresses. What a fabulous way to keep all the design elements of a wedding day cohesive!

This cake is designed after Liancarlo dress style 5826.  What attracted me to this cake, is the textures.  The cake body is matte, and the floral details and ribbon are a variety of textures. The contrasts make each element stand alone.  What impressed me the most is the ribbon detailing.  First, let me say, everything on Intricate Icings cakes is edible. The details Rachael and her team are capable of doing with sugar and icing is incredible. Every level of ribbon have different textures, matte, tulle, and silk. This detailing is taken directly from the French tulle and silk organza textured skirt designed by Liancarlo. Stunning!

Little White Dress, Liancarlo, Intricate Icings, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer

The second cake is modeled after Liancarlo dress style 5844. I LOVE the French Lyon lace on tulle design! In both the dress and the cake, lace is the dominate design element. Check out the detail shot, I had to physically get this close to the cake to decide if there was a lace overlay or not. But again, Rachael assures me the cake was created entirely with sugar! Similar to the lace elements on the dress, the lace on the cake is slightly raised as well. I was continuously impressed with the artistry and commitment to design integrity.

Little White Dress, Liancarlo, Intricate Icings, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer

I have one more thing to say about Intricate Icings… their cake flavors and fillings are unique and amazing!  My personal favorite is the Zucchini with lime zest, a refreshing and moist cake. It pairs beautifully with cream cheese filling layered with diced fresh fruit: strawberries, mango, kiwi, and mandarin oranges. Is your mouth watering yet? Intricate Icings makes their own modeling chocolate used for decor pieces like lace and ruffles. Here is where it gets good… The fondant used is made from white chocolate which simply melts in your mouth, unlike any other fondants. I LOVE white chocolate!!!

Wedding photographers and other wedding vendors quickly become cake snobs. Eating wedding cake is a wonderful perk, but when it’s every weekend, you start to spend your cake calories wisely. I will never refuse cake from Intricate Icings!



special thank you to Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings, and Cate Malone and her team at Little White Dress.

Colorado Wedding Photographer | Featured

Denver Wedding Photographer

I am excited to announce that a recent photoshoot was featured on Glamour and Grace vintage wedding blog!  I think it is typical for a wedding photographer to get  a bit bored and stir crazy over the winter during the off-season (in the Denver area anyway, our high time is late spring to early fall).  Many times wedding industry professionals get together and do styled shoots, which I personally love.  It is a fun time to be creative with the latest colors and styles. I also love giving my readers and clients a look at what’s new with my own spin on the details.

Denver Wedding Photographer, Colorado Wedding Photographer, Peach Vintage Wedding

A HUGE thank you to the amazing vendors that came together to make this fun shoot come together.  Thank you for your collaborative efforts and commitment to creating!

Photography: AudreyMichel Photography

Venue: Parkside Mansion

Florist: Sweet Pea Flowers

Stylist: Worthwhile Style

Hair Stylist: Liz Mefford with Salon No Dice

Makeup Artist: Make up by Sameera

Bridal Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid

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Denver Wedding Photographer | Studio Sweet Marie

Dessert Table

I teamed up with Denver Wedding Stylist and Florist, Tina of Worthwhile Style and Lisa of Sweet Pea Flowers once again.  I love the creativity that comes flowing from their brains.  Every last detail is planned and executed with such precision!… which for me is an absolute dream to photograph. They thought of how the table would photograph as a whole, and how the sorbet would look in a detail shot…YUMMY! We’ve got great color, texture, pattern and a cohesive design.  What more could a wedding photographer want?  Plus, these two are just a blast! :)  If you haven’t ever been to Studio Sweet Marie, you’ve got to visit.  Every corner is dripping with inspiration and beautiful items to help bring your wedding day to life.



AudreyMichel Photography has select dates for the 2012 season remaining.  Contact us for more details and to inquire about your day!


Denver Wedding Photographer | Inspiration Shoot

Peach Wedding Inspiration

There are so many directions you can go with a single color.  Sweet Pea Flowers, Makeup by Sameera, Liz with Salon No Dice, Bella Bridesmaid, Tina with Worthwhile StyleParkside Mansion and AudreyMichel Photography teamed up to explore how differently you could use the color Peach.

As a Wedding Photographer, nothing excites me more than to show up and find a bride with beautiful makeup, hair, flowers.  I know her images are going to sing! Sameera and Liz created very clean, contemporary looks.

Thank you to all the fabulous vendors for a fun, creative day!








Denver Wedding Photographer | Styled Shoot

Tangerine Wedding Inspiration

I love collaborating with vendors to create fun new looks!  Our idea with this shoot was to explore different ways to use orange/tangerine in different details. Vendors included:  Makeup By Sameera, hair stylist Liz with Salon No Dice, wardrobe stylist Tina with Worthwhile Style, Lisa with Sweet Pea Flowers, Audrey with AudreyMichel Photography, bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses were provided by Bella Bridesmaid, and we used the newly renovated Parkside Mansion.

We mixed the vintage charm of Parkside Mansion with bright balloons and chunky jewelry to inspire fun, modern brides.


























AudreyMichel Photography has select dates available for the 2012 and 2013 seasons, contact us for more details.