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Grace Ormonde Platinum List Photographer

A few months ago Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine reached out wanting to discuss joining their coveted Platinum Listing. Although flattered, I was cautious.

I took a lot of time to think about the Denver wedding market, my target market, and what Grace Ormonde has to offer. Honestly, there is a disconnect. Grace Ormonde (is a person, a magazine, and a brand, GO) represents a high-end, fashion-forward, couture market. Her brand is very prevalent, and originated on the East Coast and is popular on the West Coast as well. However, in the Denver and Rocky Mountain wedding market, it is not exactly a household name. Which, in my opinion, is too bad. GO has STUNNING imagery. Very sleek, sensual, and inspiring work is being published. GO represents everything I love, which is why I couldn’t get the proposition out of my head.

I am a spirited photographer for indulgent and sophisticated brides. Exactly what GO represents and why I was attracted to working with them. As I thought about the disconnect between this high-end, couture wedding brand and what is happening between the Coasts, I thought why not bring it here? It is true, Denver isn’t exactly the over-the-top wedding mecca of the world like Dubai or Lake Como, or even Southern California. BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t have style. I KNOW there have to be girls out there like me who love the clean, sleek look that Grace Ormonde represents. Classic and elegant CAN mean stylish. And couture doesn’t have to mean out of reach. I think there are amazing design opportunities and inspiration to be taken from the pages of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. I am excited about educating brides on what is happening in the international wedding design market. I am even more passionate about bringing together a community of like-minded wedding professionals, vendors, and venues in the Denver area that have similar ideas. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Grace Ormonde Platinum List Photographer. Orthodox Jewish Wedding. Black Tie Wedding. City Chic Wedding

I am determined to raise the bar on design and wedding fashion for the Denver wedding market. I am excited to join these other awesome Platinum List vendors in working to bring brides fashion-forward wedding style. Cheers!!

Isabelle Kline Design
Little White Dress
Design Works by Dave & Mike
Newberry Brothers
Seawell Ballroom
The Ritz-Carlton
The Stanley Hotel

View the Audrey Michel, Wedding Photographer profile page on Wedding Style Magazine.



Sophisticated Elegance || Highlands Ranch Mansion Wedding Photographer

Lauren + Austin || Married

This image is going to be one of my favorites for a long time to come. It is classic and elegant, and to this day, I can hear Lauren laughing. Isn’t that what we all want? To look back at our wedding day and remember holding our husband’s hand, floating with happiness, surrounded by beauty, and feeling loved by everyone around us?

Lauren and Austin were a joy to photograph. I mostly just give couples a bit of direction as to what to do (like hold hands and walk towards me) but overall I want my couples to ignore me. You just got married! Be your cute selves. And Lauren and Austin were beautifully in their own world. I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect!

Highlands Ranch Mansion, Denver Colorado, Couples Portrait, Black and White, Audrey Michel

Groomsmen hanging out, black and white, groom playing poker, Highlands Ranch Mansion

lace beaded wedding gown, Lazaro Dress, belted bridal gown, bridal jewelry, denver wedding photographer

I cannot stop looking at this image of Lauren in her stunning Lazaro gown. I am a huge fan of belted bridal gowns and accessories. Adding beading to her lace dress and tying in gray to coordinate with the groomsmen was the perfect decision. And look at her necklace!

yellow and gray wedding details, yellow and gray reception flowers, yellow and gray boutonniere, yellow and gray bouquet

adorable flower girl dresses, bridesmaid candid photograph, Highlands Ranch Mansion Wedding Photographer

Lazaro Wedding Gown, sophisticated wedding, elegant wedding, Highlands Ranch Mansion, Denver Wedding Photographer

Mansion Wedding, sophisticated, elegant, black tie wedding venue

Lauren and Austin, it was an honor to celebrate your wedding day with you, and your wonderful family and friends.




A big thank you to all the amazing vendors who came together to make this day happen:

Abloom Florist
AllWell Rents
Audrey Michel Photography
Azucar Bakery
Catering by Design
Chair Covers and Linens
Highlands Ranch Mansion
Lazaro Wedding Gown
Mark Christopher Weddings
Progressive Sound DJ
Spa Divas
5 Star Talent & Entertainment



Jenny Packham at Little White Dress || Denver Wedding Photographer

Jenny Packham at Little White Dress

Have you heard? The full Jenny Packham line is at Little White Dress this weekend!

It is hard to explain just how exquisite the bead work is on these dresses. The beautiful textures sparkle in the light. Her fabric selection drapes beautifully and feels phenomenal. I came home and told my husband it is a good thing we were married 8 years ago, before I was in the wedding industry…I could have walked out of LWD with a gown in a heart beat. I was even trying to figure out how I could turn some of the off-white gowns into cocktail attire….it could work with the right accessories? Right??

Jenny Packham dresses in Denver, Colorado. Denver Fashion Wedding Photographer

This last image is my favorite. A window shopping view of one of the Jenny Packham gowns. In black and white I think it shows off stunning bead work and elegant patterning. I love that her work is timeless and sophisticated. You could pull off a black-tie, city chic, or even country club wedding in any of the dresses.


Seeing all these beautiful gowns makes me excited for the 2014 wedding season! There are so many elegant choices available this year, I cannot wait to see what brides come up with.

Here’s to a fashion forward 2014! Cheers to the New Year!



I’ve been having fun with Time Lapse videos lately, so here are the Little White Dress girls preparing the dresses for their trunk show…

Where have you been?

Where have you been?

It’s been 3 months since you’ve blogged! Where have you been?! It’s a valid question, in the blogging world, 3 months is an eternity!
There have been lots of changes around here in the last 12 months. I’ve gone through a complete revamp and restructure of the business, all of which I am really excited to see come to fruition. For years I was generally a photographer, shooting whatever work came in the door. I was having fun, but slowly getting burned out. Photography went from being my passion to being my job and I was losing interest. A year ago I finished a coaching process to help build my business around what makes me happy. It was an incredible process of self-discovery. I learned that photography is my way to celebrate, and that being a wedding photographer brings for indulgent and sophisticated brides me much happiness as I get to be an intimate part of my clients wedding celebration.

What I have been struggling with is admitting to myself that success looks different than it used to. I used to judge my success as a photographer based on the number of shoots I had each week, followed by the number of weddings on the weekends. Now that the only new photography projects I am taking on are wedding clients, I have much more free time during the week. I was frightened to admit that I am no longer a full-time photographer. I was feeling like my business was failing, and I wasn’t good enough. As a result I was completely withdrawn from putting energy into the photography business.

I WAS feeling that way. Until this week. I haven’t been very open about what I do with my free time, and it has affected my ability to connect with photography. Last March I started a personal blog about my journey with Endometriosis and holistic healing called Rewired Life. This summer I decided to turn my blog into a book…which I am still actively working on. It is quite the project! In the middle of writing the book, this fall my Rewired Life blog went from a collection of personal stories to a website and advocacy for women with endometriosis. I decided that although it has been fun and therapeutic to share my story, I wanted to do more to help other women find ways to ease their pain.

Wedding Photographer and Endometriosis Life Coach, Audrey Michel

Now my time is split between networking, marketing, and working as a wedding photographer, as well as writing for Rewired Life. The previous decision to keep my work as a photographer separate from my healing work was not allowing me to be authentic. If photography is my celebrate…don’t you want to know what I am celebrating??!  I am a 17 year chronic pain survivor, currently living symptom free of endometriosis….now that is something to celebrate! Cheers to health and wellbeing!

Wedding Photographer and Endometriosis Life Coach, Audrey Michel

My mantra is Love. Heal. Celebrate. I am excited that I now spend my day helping women learn to love themselves and heal their body, and with photography I get to celebrate the beauty of life. Makes sense that my photography work is so emotional!
I am very passionate about everything I do, and now I have two businesses that fulfill the why of me. It’s not work, it’s Life Work.