Abstract Reflections

Photography has always been a hobby, then I started selling Fine Art prints on the side, and last fall I took on photography full-time.  After taking a workshop to help build a Body of Work, I began to focus on reflections, both off water and off glass.  I had a great time getting up early, before the wind picked up, to find still bodies of water.  My favorite location is in the back of Chatfield State Park, south of Denver, where I found a small gravel pit with the foothills in the background.  


For the next month or two I spent my time photographing reflections off water anywhere I could find.  Plus, it was fall and the leaves were turning color, which is my favorite season to photograph…so getting out to shoot was REALLY painful!  These are a few of my favorite reflections from around Denver.  This grid of 9 framed photos are currently hanging in my living room, and are for sale!


You know those Pearl Snap Shirts that are really popular (my husband LOVES them), well they were invented here in Denver by the owner of Rockmount Western Wear!  I was shooting in Downtown trying to capture the spirit of Historic LoDo, which Rockmount has been a part of for many years (even back when it was the scary warehouse district). I thought I would photograph storefronts and activity around lunch time, thinking I could capture the areas vibrant lifestyle.  Instead, I found reflection off glass!  This photo is one exposure (no double exposure tricks) and no photoshopping, what you are seeing is what is on the glass (Rockmount Ranch Wear), reflection of the buildings across the street, and items inside the store (a saddle). Fun stuff!


It has been awesome to get paid to do something you absolutely love!