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Indulgent Wedding Cakes by Intricate Icings

If you are looking for a decadent and indulgent wedding cake, beautifully designed with modern elements and attention to detail… Rachael Teufel with Intricate Icings is your girl.  Rachael has been a Food Network Competitor 3 times, taking second place twice, and winning her final episode.  Rachael also teaches online cake design classes for

What I love about Rachael, and where her and I have connected, is her absolute passion for modern design, and intense attention to detail. Earlier this summer I had the honor of spending some time at the Intricate Icings studio photographing some of their favorite cakes, and watching the team create masterpieces.

The cakes I gravitated to were inspired by designer wedding dresses. What a fabulous way to keep all the design elements of a wedding day cohesive!

This cake is designed after Liancarlo dress style 5826.  What attracted me to this cake, is the textures.  The cake body is matte, and the floral details and ribbon are a variety of textures. The contrasts make each element stand alone.  What impressed me the most is the ribbon detailing.  First, let me say, everything on Intricate Icings cakes is edible. The details Rachael and her team are capable of doing with sugar and icing is incredible. Every level of ribbon have different textures, matte, tulle, and silk. This detailing is taken directly from the French tulle and silk organza textured skirt designed by Liancarlo. Stunning!

Little White Dress, Liancarlo, Intricate Icings, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer

The second cake is modeled after Liancarlo dress style 5844. I LOVE the French Lyon lace on tulle design! In both the dress and the cake, lace is the dominate design element. Check out the detail shot, I had to physically get this close to the cake to decide if there was a lace overlay or not. But again, Rachael assures me the cake was created entirely with sugar! Similar to the lace elements on the dress, the lace on the cake is slightly raised as well. I was continuously impressed with the artistry and commitment to design integrity.

Little White Dress, Liancarlo, Intricate Icings, Audrey Michel Wedding Photographer

I have one more thing to say about Intricate Icings… their cake flavors and fillings are unique and amazing!  My personal favorite is the Zucchini with lime zest, a refreshing and moist cake. It pairs beautifully with cream cheese filling layered with diced fresh fruit: strawberries, mango, kiwi, and mandarin oranges. Is your mouth watering yet? Intricate Icings makes their own modeling chocolate used for decor pieces like lace and ruffles. Here is where it gets good… The fondant used is made from white chocolate which simply melts in your mouth, unlike any other fondants. I LOVE white chocolate!!!

Wedding photographers and other wedding vendors quickly become cake snobs. Eating wedding cake is a wonderful perk, but when it’s every weekend, you start to spend your cake calories wisely. I will never refuse cake from Intricate Icings!



special thank you to Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings

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, and Cate Malone and her team at Little White Dress.

Denver Wedding Photographer | Intricate Icings

Cake Pops

Just a post about a super fun evening with Rachel of Intricate Icings.  My friend and I attended Rachel’s Spring Cake Pop Class for the heck of it…basically I LOVE cake pops

, but would never make them myself…they are far to time consuming and messy.  However, if you take Rachel’s cake pop class, she has everything prepared for you, including all the little decorations, all the cake batter is ready, and she gives you wine to enhance your creativity! And best of all I don’t have to clean up…Thank you Rachel!!!

We got to make little chics, bunnies, and flowers for Easter. DELISH!

Thank you for hosting this class, Rachel! It’s highly probable that I will be back for your winter session.

Check out previous posts of Intricate Icing’s beautiful wedding cake.

AudreyMichel Photography is booking for select dates during the 2012 wedding season.  Contact us for availability and a quote specific to your day!


Denver Wedding Photographer | Intricate Icings

Wedding Cake

Thank you to Rachel of Intricate Icings for featuring our photos from Jaimee and Diego’s wedding!

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Grace Ormonde | Matthew Christopher Couture Wedding Gowns

Matthew Christopher at Little White Dress

I jumped at the opportunity to be at Little White Dress last Friday morning as wedding gown designer Matthew Christopher conducted a training session for the sales staff and prepared for the weekend’s trunk show. These last few months have been about partnering with Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine to show the world that Colorado not only has style, but is on the cutting edge of what is happening in the wedding industry.

To hear that a prominent dress designer would be spending time in Denver was an exciting opportunity. I more than anything wanted to hear Matthew speak about his work. I love hearing designer’s passion for their work, and Matthew Christopher does not disappoint!
If you are someone who (or know of a person) that cannot understand why you would pay a premium for a dress when there are perfectly suitable and affordable options out there, listen to Matthew speak about creating his dresses. His passion for making a woman feel beautiful is contagious. As if he didn’t have me at helping a woman feel beautiful on her wedding day, then he starts talking about the detailing of his dresses and how button location or stitching or lace placement can make or break the look of the dress. The designer in me was in the land of sunshine and happy faces!
I think the wedding industry in Colorado has a unique opportunity to utilize the platform of Grace Ormonde to show that we not only have style, but are attracting attention from the best in the industry.
“I think LWD has become a huge destination store for Colorado where girls come from all over from the midwest to visit their store. They are pulling in many many brides that are looking for couture gowns that they can not find in their state. ” – Matthew Christopher

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, Matthew Christopher Couture Wedding Gowns, Little White Dress, Sophisticated Wedding Photographer

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine 

, Matthew Christopher Couture Wedding Gowns, Little White Dress, Sophisticated Wedding Photographer” src=”” width=”900″ height=”650″ />

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, Matthew Christopher Couture Wedding Gowns, Little White Dress, Sophisticated Wedding Photographer

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, Matthew Christopher Couture Wedding Gowns, Little White Dress, Sophisticated Wedding Photographer

And of course a big thank you to Rachael of Intricate Icings for designing a wedding cake after one of Matthew’s dresses! Stunning as always!



 Check out this post from Little White Dress!

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Spirited. Indulgent. Sophisticated. wedding photographer
Denver based destination wedding photographer, Audrey Michel, is a spirited photographer for indulgent and sophisticated brides planning city chic weddings. Her elegant style fits perfectly with downtown hotel, country club, and black-tie weddings. Audrey Michel is a Grace Ormonde Platinum List member for 2013 and 2014 and is excited to bring the couture, fashion forward look to Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.I am a creative, sentimental wedding photographer, reflecting love and celebration. I am captivated by every moment of a wedding. Joy and love is what I see in the world and through my lens, and is what I share with my clients. The experience of sharing wedding photos and reminiscing with friends and family should be filled with laughter and love.What I do can’t be taught, and is not a learned skill. I radiate happiness, love and joy, and bring a calming presence to a day filled with emotions, anxiety, and excitement. I believe every bride glows on her wedding day. My happiness comes from helping a bride feel beautiful, and capturing that beautiful feeling for her to share with her loved ones for a lifetime.


It’s important to choose the perfect Denver wedding photographer to capture the spirit of your big day.

The best Denver Wedding Photographer for you will be able to capture the entire mood of your wedding. Audrey Michel is a spirited photographer for indulgent and sophisticated couples.

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