150 miles of Inspiring Views

Multiple Sclerosis charity event

is inspiring enough -

but check out the scenery!

Every summer I join 25 of my DU Daniels teammates, 3,000 riders and thousands of volunteers and supporters to participate in Colorado’s 150 mile bike ride to support Multiple Sclerosis. The MS150 is my favorite event of the summer!  The vibe around the event is incredibly inspiring! And, we get to spend 2 days taking in views of the Front Range.

I never ride with my camera, basically it’s too heavy and I would NEVER get anywhere because I can’t stop taking pictures.  So the week after riding the MS150, I drove the course to capture some of the beautiful images I had in my head.

FtCollins 7-2009_07 - Version 2

FtCollins 7-2009_026-0179

FtCollins 7-2009_049 - Version 2

FtCollins 7-2009_0143-0198

FtCollins 7-2009_0176-0187

FtCollins 7-2009_0229 - Version 2-1